Italians spend €85 per person on Valentine’s Day

Unlocking Romance: Valentine’s Day in Italy

Valentine’s Day in Italy is not just about love; it’s a cultural celebration with unique twists. Dive into the insights and trends that shape this romantic occasion in the country known for its passion and rich traditions.

Italian Hearts and Pockets

In the heart of Italy, 6 in 10 Italians embrace Valentine’s Day festivities, shelling out an average of €14, a slight uptick from last year’s spending. However, a culinary shift is notable as 1 in 5 opt for homemade dinners, signaling a rising trend compared to previous years.

Age and Affection

Age plays a role in the celebration, with 66% of the under-34 crowd joining the romantic bandwagon, slightly outpacing their older counterparts at 57%. It seems the younger generation is more eager to make Valentine’s Day memorable.

Romantic Gestures: Dinners and Tokens of Love

The essence of Valentine’s Day in Italy revolves around romantic dinners and heartfelt presents. A whopping 73% of surveyed Italians plan intimate dinners, while 61% express their love through thoughtful gifts.

Blooms Amidst Economic Gloom

Flowers, particularly roses, remain recession-proof in Italy. A staggering 13 million bouquets are expected to be sold by the end of Valentine’s Day. Despite economic challenges, the allure of flowers persists, painting the day with vibrant hues and fragrant blossoms.

Rituals in Romantic Towns

Venture beyond the ordinary, and discover unique St. Valentine’s Day rituals in towns like Terni and Sadali. Terni’s cathedral witnesses locals swearing eternal love, while Sadali in Sardinia sees couples seeking blessings in a 15th-century church dedicated to St. Valentine.

Love’s Flourish: Italy’s Romantic Rites

From Vico del Gargano’s 300-year-old tradition of adorning a lovers’ lane to Tuscany’s practical approach with a Love Park, Italy showcases diverse romantic rituals. Even Leonardo da Vinci’s birthplace transforms a sports center’s car park into a dimly lit haven for couples.

In conclusion, Valentine’s Day in Italy is not just a celebration of love; it’s a tapestry woven with unique cultural threads. As Italians embrace age-specific trends and unconventional rituals, the essence of romance remains vibrant, making this day a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

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